Specialist Vehicle Insurance

Specialist Vehicle Insurance

Finding affordable cover for some specialist vehicles can be difficult.  Specialist vehicle policies from One Insurance Solution make it quick and easy to get the cover you need.

Our relationships with some of the UK’s biggest insurers mean that we can get you better rates on cover that’s tailored especially to suit you, with our expert advisors trained to get you the right cover for less.

Finding yourself without adequate insurance could hit you in the pocket when you need to make a claim, so consulting a specialist will ensure that you have cover that's there when you need it most.

Optional add-ons Choose from the following

  • UK Breakdown Cover

    We offer UK Breakdown Cover so, in the event of a break down, you don’t have to worry. We will arrange for your vehicle to be repaired at the roadside or, if this isn't possible, for it to be taken to an approved garage.

  • Legal Expenses

    Cover for any legal expenses incurred from claims or disputes

  • Tools Cover

    As a tradesman your tools and equipment are vital to your business and its success. Tools Cover protects you in the event of theft or damage to your tools.

  • Personal Accident

    No matter how careful you're when driving, accidents can happen when you least expect them. Personal Accident cover protects you in the event of a serious injury or death resulting from an accident whilst driving, getting in or out of your vehicle, or whilst loading or unloading your vehicle.

  • GAP Protection

    GAP Protection is designed especially to provide you with the peace of mind that if your vehicle is written off, the gap between the insurance pay-out and the amount of money you initially paid will be covered.

  • Key Cover

    Whatever the size of your bunch of keys, you’d probably be lost without them. Key Cover covers locksmith charges for new locks and replacement keys, so if your keys get lost, stolen or damaged you won’t be stranded.

  • Excess Protection

    Excess protection is a type of cover that reimburses your excess payment following a successful claim. This is a good way of getting a lower premium, allowing you to select a higher level of excess and reduce your payments.

Cover options Get the cover you need

  • Ice Cream Van

    Get a cool deal on cover for your Ice Cream Van by speaking to our team of expert advisors. Call us now on 0845 126 2210 to get a quote and save some lolly.

  • Catering Van

    Do you have a catering van? Our team of expert advisors could get you a tasty rate on the cover you need. Give us a call on 0845 126 2210 to get a quote.

  • Refrigerated Van

    Protecting your van and its contents with the right insurance will give you peace of mind, so you can just chill out. Call 0845 126 2210 to get a quote.

  • Motorised Horsebox

    When others say 'nay' we can come up with a great deal on your motorised horsebox insurance. Call 0845 485 9600 and gallop away with a great deal.

One Customer's story

“One Insurance Solution has provided outstanding service for all our commercial insurances. The very experienced team is always available to provide sound advice and support.” Mr H